Here's How Tattoos Helped This Guy Overcome Shyness & Start A New Life

If you are into tattooed and bearded men (or are one of them), you certainly know Kevin Creekman, aka The Creekman. Kevin is a German model and Instagram 'influencer'. Yet, his tattoo story is far from being shallow. Indeed, his fully tattooed body and internet exposure are a real revenge on life.


"I suffered from obesity since childhood. When I was 18, I weighed over 150kg [330 pounds]. Of course, I got bullied a lot.

"I was told I will become the fattest person on earth. I never had a girlfriend and had serious fears of dying alone."


However, Kevin found the willpower and discipline to change his life around. He lost almost 80kg [176 pounds] in just one year. He wanted a radical change to become the person he always wished to be, and tattoo art was his solution.



"I never really felt comfortable with my body and always avoided situations where I had to take my shirt off.

"I had several huge scars from the surgeries I did to remove skin that was left after my weight loss.

"I started to tattoo over those scars to hide my past and start a new life. The more skin I got covered in black, the less insecurities I had."



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Kevin's transformation was a difficult process nonetheless. Suffering pain from his surgeries, he had to endure multiple tattoo sessions, sometimes with several people inking him at once.

Many great artists have worked on his skin. The most significant ones are Gerhard Wiesbeck, Mike Wolf, Neon Judas, Oliver Lonien, James Tattooart, Guil Zekri and Sandor Pongor. Most of his collection consists of blackwork with no specific meaning. "It’s just body decoration," Kevin says.


His popularity blew up when Kevin started posting pictures on Instagram. A big surprise for The Creekman, who never intended to earn this much attention. Beard and tattoo pages started sharing his pictures, which lead to opportunities in marketing and modelling.


"BuzzFeed wrote an article about the most appreciable beard and bun guys. There were famous hunks like Jared Leto, Brock O'hurn etc… and me !

"It was a big contrast with my previous life. People started liking and following me just because of my appearance! The incredibly positive feedback I receive on social media is what makes me push my limits."


But don’t think Kevin has neglected the beauty of his soul… Kevin is a social worker helping immigrants and refugees to get into the German education system.


If there is a lesson to learn from The Creekman, it's probably that life can always get better, but it doesn't come without working hard for it, and definitely not just on your outer shell. It’s about evolving as a whole – both body, mind and soul – that makes you a better person.

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By Jen Ripper, published on 28/03/2017

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