This 20-Year-Old Filmed Her Whole Journey From Syria To Europe

Filmed by Rania Mustafa Ali, a young woman from Raqqa, Syria, "Escape From Syria" reveals the unimaginably harsh realities of the migratory routes that thousands of people risk their lives on daily.

From the ruins of Kobane to Turkey, Rania filmed every step of the perilous journey which sees her almost drown in the Mediterranean on a boat meant for fifteen people but holding fifty.

After being cheated by smugglers, Rania and her friend arrive in Greece's Idomeni refugee camp where thousands of people are forced to wait in the mud in the hope of passing the border to Macedonia. Crossing a raging river alongside women, men and children, some of whom in wheelchairs, the group eventually arrive in Macedonia only to be teargassed and beaten by officials at the border. 


An incredible look at the real faces behind the migrant crisis, the footage shows families, friends and neighbours flee their homes without any idea of what lies at the next turn. With no hint of sensationalism or self-pity Rania Mustafa Ali tells her story to directly to the camera to show us exactly what it means to be a migrant.

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By Théo Mercadier, published on 04/08/2017


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