Find Out Where Your Surname Comes From Thanks To This Interactive Map

According to a widespread belief, the western world population is less and less connected to its roots. Responsible for our time's despair and decadence, the youth are in need of a few markers to help building a brighter future.

If you weirdly end up having such conversation with a grumpy old man in a pub, you will now be able to prove him wrong but telling him everything about your surname's origins.

Thanks to Named, an interactive website developed by a team of geographers at University College London, you can know find out your family name is originally from in the UK.

It's for Hardy. Like Tom Hardy. (Photo: Named)

It's for Hardy. Like Tom Hardy. (Photo: Named)

To do so, you only need to go on Named's website and enter your surname. It's also allowed to play with other people's names, which will make you discover that Prime Minister David Cameron's name comes from Scotland and Jeremy Corbyn's from either north of Newcastle or the Norwich area.

Cuter, you can also find out where it is the most likely that you met your partner or a friend. Apparently, Dave Cameron and Boris Johnson have probably met in Windemere or somewhere deep in Scotland, not at the Bullingdon Club.

Creator  Oliver O'Brien explained the functioning :


"The system is creating a probabilistic kernel density estimate (KDE), based on surname distributions (in a postcode) for an old electoral roll. It finds the relatively frequency/density of the surname compared with the general population in the area.

So, in most cases, it will often highlight an area in the countryside – a sparse population, but maybe with a cluster of people with that surname. As such, it will only rarely highlight London and the other major cities of the UK, except for exceptionally urban-centric surnames, typically of foreign-origin.

The method is not perfect – the “bandwidth” is fixed which means that neighbouring cities and other population fluctuations can cause false-positive results. However, we have seen enough “good” results that we think the simple has some validity, with the structure of the UK’s names."


If it's not "good", you can leave them feedback, and say where you come from or live instead.

The Boris and Dave Love Map <3. (Photo: Named)

The Boris and Dave Love Map (Image: Named)

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By Thomas Andrei, publish on 02/03/2016