Your New Favourite Zine Blends Fashion And Football

Being a girl who frequents football in her day-to-day can be tough enough as it is. Let alone one that also adores fashion in all its force.

As well as being sexualised, shunned and sidelined, female footballers and fans alike can get a lot of flack for their chosen hobby in comparison to men. But new mag Season, fresh off the press, is here to give pro-football femmes out there something to represent them.

(All images courtesy Season zine)

(All images courtesy of Season zine)

Hitting back at the innate masculinity of football, Season vibrantly blends footie and fashion. The brainchild of Chelsea fan and Central Saint Martins graduate, Felicia Pennant, it's a read that knows the score.

Despite over 25% of Premier League-goers being female, there's not much room for femininity in the footie world. But Season won't be fixating on women's matches alone. Instead, Season's first issue is celebrating the fans that are female, the ladies behind the sport that keep it on its toes.

Delving into the football fandom of some of the most exciting women – FKA Twigs' makeup artist and Vogue's Associate Fashion Editor Verity Parker – Pennant has managed to create an inclusive, dynamic and much-needed narrative of some of the fash pack's fans. And boy does Season prove women are no less equipped than men for the role.

"I felt that, as wonderful as the wall-to-wall football coverage is, it seems very male-oriented and focused on players and managers," Pennant tells Konbini. "There wasn’t anything speaking to me directly so I wanted to create something that would champion female fans and share our stories." Read our interview with Season editor Felicia Pennant below where we discuss using pink as a power tool, the sentiment of print and everything about the revolutionary zine's first issue, 'The Female Fan'.

Season_Issue 1_Cover (Photography, Emily Rose. Design, Natalie Doto)

Konbini: So why did you create Season?

Felicia Pennant: I felt that, as wonderful as the wall-to-wall football coverage is, it seems very male-oriented and focused on players and managers. There wasn’t anything speaking to me directly so I wanted to create something that would champion female fans and share our stories. 26% of fans attending Premier League games are female, which is an all-time high according to the Premier League, so we’re a growing minority.

Why did you want to create a zine blending both fashion and football?

They are my two main interests! I got into football after watching Euro 2004 and have been a fevered Chelsea FC fan ever since. Fashion has always been my thing and when writing my thesis at Central Saint Martins, I came across a brilliant book called The Fashion of Football by Paolo Hewitt and Mark Baxter.

"Football is perceived to be a male domain"


It documents the connections between the two from the 1960s until the early 00s and I wanted to pick up where the book left off while addressing the absence of women in it. Spurred on the success of Sepp magazine and The Green Soccer Journal, I thought it could be cool to create something a little more female and fan focused.

Why are female footballers still sexualised even today?

Football is perceived to be a male domain, as the majority of players, staff and fans are male, so the representation of women reflects that.

Season_Issue 1_The Offside rule_Words Felicia Pennant_Design Natalie Doto


How does Season hope to change that?

By creating a creative platform where women (and men) can express themselves and celebrate each other.

How are female footie fans still patronised in comparison to men?

Why it is assumed that women automatically prefer a lower cut replica shirt? Why do some male fans feel the need to ‘test’ female fans on ‘The Offside’ rule? Two features in the zine deal with these questions.

Why did you choose print instead of digital?

I wanted to tap in the rich history of football zines and the extra special, sentimental quality of print in our digital age. I think the zine is more thoughtful and considered that way, although we’re working on an online presence.

Season Fever Pitch 01 (Photography, Claire Pepper)

You’ve used pink throughout the mag, what were the reasons behind this?

It was an attempt to reclaim pink because it’s often used to colour ladies merchandise which is also patronising. None of the female fans I spoke to have pink merchandise because club colours do the job.

What can readers expect from the first issue of Season?

Issue one is dedicated to 'The Female Fan' and brings a fascinating line up of them to light. I interviewed FKA Twigs' make up artist, Naoko Scintu, and British Vogue’s Associate Fashion Editor, Verity Parker, about their football fandom. I also spoke to menswear designer Kayleigh Walmsley and Girlfans zine creator Jacqui McAssey, two Liverpool fans who used fashion to boycott the Sun and support the Hillsborough campaign.

"None of the female fans I spoke to have pink merchandise"


Three ‘Daddy’s Girls’ write candidly about their fashion and football experiences and burning questions like why we’re not wearing ladies football shirts but some #goonerettes (female Arsenal fans) are sharing #belfies are answered. There’s also a fashion editorial, still life with some amazing Savile Rogue cashmere football scarves and a tribute to former Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho.

Season zine is having a launch party for issue one in Hoxton, London on July 7. Be there or lose a point.

Season_Noako Scintu AW 03 (Photography, Emily Rose)

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By Lydia Morrish, publish on 22/06/2016