Russian Media Believe That Donald Trump Is Behind The French Yellow Jackets Movement

Conspiracy theory alert.

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Since Sunday December 3, several Russian government media are comparing the violent yellow jackets protests in France to the Colour Revolutions which took place in the former Soviet republics these past few years. To them, it is a way for the United States to punish French president Macron.

"The weakening of Macron, and hopefully his resignation, is in the interest of Trump" said Tuesday the official daily Rossiyskaya Gazeta in a long article about the violent protests which took place in Paris and all over France.

"It is enough to recall that the head of the Fifth Republic has recently claimed its position as leader of the European Union, defended the idea of a European army independent of the United States and actively defended the Iranian nuclear agreement", the Russian government-owned newspaper added.

That is proof to them that the yellow jackets movement is a replica of the Colour Revolutions which led to Georgia and Ukraine to escape Russian influence with, according to Moscow, the help of the US and the Western countries.

According to the Rossiyskaya Gazeta,  there are a lot of similarities between the two movements: "the artificial creation of a protest movement organized by social networks (…), theatrical scenes to demonstrate to society the so-called will of the people".

Violence Perpetrated By Yellow Jackets Seen As Suspicious In Russia

Ultimately, the newspaper warns, "a Yellow Vest victory would significantly strengthen the US position in Europe, clearly showing European leaders that quibbling with Trump, let alone being in conflict with him, is risky".

In an opinion piece published on Monday, the editorialist Ria Novosti from the state press agency qualified as "very convincing" the arguments in favor of a color revolution organized by the United States. She also raised other topics such as "the revolt of the 'good old' (and white) France against the government and its radical multiculturalism".

Star presenter in the showcase of the canal Rossiya-1 Dmitry Kiselev had opened the ball in his Sunday show, judging impossible that a "microscopic growth in gas prices" could provoke "scenes of looting, mobilization of an army of policemen, smoke, shootings, blood, clouds of tear gas".

"The excuse is obviously disproportionate," continued Dmitri Kisselev, who is known to be the voice of the Kremlin, adding that "looks like the American export of a color revolution" before saying, "All because President Macron spoke of the need for a European army".

Tuesday, the Kremlin was more careful, saying "not to see" the influence of the United States in the movement of yellow jackets. "It is a question that is exclusively internal to France, and it is important for us that these disorders do not cause human and injured victims, especially Russian citizens," said spokesman Dmitry Peskov.

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By Clothilde Bru, published on 04/12/2018