A Bunch Of Real Women Walked The Real Catwalk To Showcase Their Real Beauty

Curves, wrinkles, spots, scars, rolls, muscles, thigh gaps, thunder thighs... None of these are mutually exclusive when talking about the beauty of modern women. No matter how much fashion and advertising industries want us to believe that it's important to be devoid of all these "imperfections," the real truth is that beauty comes from within and the size of your panties or your bra is just that, a size.

In a bid to keep us sharp and focused on what really matters, model and body-positivity activist who goes by Khrystyana threw a smashing event in the middle of New York City on December 2, 2017. Titled #theREALcatwalk, it featured a bunch of diverse women strutting down an improvised catwalk in Times Square.

Speaking to Yahoo! Lifestyle, Khrystyana revealed she's been part of the bo-po movement for about a year now and has found real inspiration in it, especially when it comes to women empowerment. Outspoken about it on social media, the model decided to materialize her beliefs by throwing an actual all-inclusive runway show.

The controversial Victoria's Secret show was a much-needed push. Widely criticized for pushing unrealistic and very narrow beauty standards, it inspired many activists to speak out and organize against it (case in point – the anti-Victoria's Secret show organized by sisters Alyse and Lexi Scaffidi). Taking to social media, Khrystyana also shared her sentiments:

"Many women feel very discouraged about their bodies and faces after watching the show, as if their self-belittling button is getting pushed again and again.

This Saturday, [...] a lot of volunteers will throw a guerrilla style Lingerie Fashion show in the middle of Times Square. These women will catwalk for ALL women to reinforce ONE beauty standard: BEING YOU.

Because being YOU is the definition of beauty."

With that, #theREALcatwalk took shape. According to Khrystyana, women were "flying in from other cities" in order to represent the entire spectrum of the modern female form: "Some girls are curvy and some are petite, some are fit and some have never worked out. Women of different cultures, skin tones.There will be transgender women, women of different ages and sexual orientation, [...] waxed or unwaxed legs, vegans and carnivores."

The end result truly was a spectacle. Captured by many talented photographers, it seems to have stopped the hustle and bustle of Times Square with everyone's eyes on the gorgeous, confident ladies walking down its avenues.

Check out some images below and discover more by following #theREALcatwalk hashtag on social media.

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By Justina Bakutyte, publish on 07/12/2017