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The pubescent adolescent inside you can rejoice, because your spotty face is officially en vogue.

In a move that would make Dr Pimple Popper herself revel in glee, Malaysian designer Moto Guo sent his models down the Milan Men's Fashion Week runway with purposely blotchy, mottled skin.

Looking like the "before" shot of a Freederm commercial, the both female and male models sported bonafide blemishes - a less than conventional makeup look - for Guo's gender-fluid collection called "Picnic in the Society."



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Spotty is the new black

Whether or not the models’ acne was legit or the handy work of a very talented makeup artist is unknown, but either way the "nerdy grooming" look, as it was dubbed by WWDsure as hell didn't go unnoticed.

Perhaps Guo was making a body-positive statement - or perhaps it had something to do with the fact that the show (outfits and scowling faces included) had a "high school hallway" vibe - but the fashion industry is a notorious means for insecurity, so seeing a swarm of cystic spots strutting down the catwalk turns the stigma on its head (or face).

Even though body positivity has infiltrated the fashion world, society still expects skin to be poreless, without wrinkles, freckles and, above all, any trace of acne, but lately the anti-aesthetic trend has been slowly making its way in the mainstream - from DIY freckles to visible body hair, ungroomed is the new black.

We should seize the opportunity and make other non-sexy (normal) human things to become trendy, like frizzy hair, under-eye bags and yellowish teeth.

The reign of clear skin tyranny has ended.


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