This Oyster Card Manicure Lets You Tap In And Out Of The Tube Like A Boss

Wearable tech is all the rage these days, and between fitness trackers and magic oracle glasses there's few digi-accessories that can't become an extension of the human body. Nothing so far, however, has been as brilliant as these Oyster card acrylic nails that actually let you top up and swipe in and out of the tube. *makes pun about technology being literally at your fingertips*

Fashion student Lucie Davis created the ingenious talons as part of her BA in jewellery design at Central Saint Martins. They were made for a project where students were encouraged to find wonder in even the most routine activities, and Lucie immediately thought of her daily commute.


"I took the RFID chip from an Oyster card and embedded it within a full set of acrylic nails to give commuters the ability to pay for their journeys with a single tap/touch," she told WAH Nails. "You can still top them up with money too. Now you’ll never have to worry about misplacing your card again!"

Davis talked to TfL about the possibility of her technology being officially accepted, and while it's in the early stages she says it's "exciting".


They're awesome for a number of reasons. First of all, Oyster cards are a pain and you never remember where you've put it. And don’t even get me started on people causing queues while they ‘figure out’ the Apple Pay app. Imagine if the Oyster card were literally a part of you... goodbye ticket-barrier panic.

Second, people will definitely think you're a witch when they see you hover your empty hand over the reader and the barriers magically open. Third, they look groovy as hell.

Has Sadiq Khan been alerted of these? Because he needs to roll them out asap. Watch the oyster-mani in action:

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By Olivia Cassano, publish on 15/07/2016