Obama Just Permanently Protected Women's Rights To Contraceptives And Abortion

One of the main concerns about the results of the US Presidential election is the impact Donald Trump will have on women's rights. He is prolifically misogynist, boasts about sexually assaulting women and wants to get rid of abortion; these aren't just things that show being sexist can boost a man's career – they starkly oppress the freedoms of women.

But Barack Obama is here to save the day, once again. The Obama administration has just signed off on a rule that will permanently protect Planned Parenthood, the nonprofit which provides women, men and young people access to birth control, sexual health and cancer screenings and, in some of its clinics, abortions.

(Photo: Snopes)

(Photo: Snopes)

The monumental ruling will see US states blocked from defunding the family planning provider for "political reasons". The Department of Health and Human Services-proposed rule says that 'Title X' family planning – basic reproductive support for 4 million low-income Americans. Funding can only be withheld if the provider's “ability to deliver services to program beneficiaries" is not done so "in an effective manner”.

The rule will extend to protect Planned Parenthood from states who want to defund it there purely because some clinics offer pregnancy termination services.

Title X services uses grants to partly pay for contraceptives, health checks and cancer and STI screenings for America's lowest earners – 85% of the citizens who use Title X earn less than $23,500 (around £19,000). Contrary to popular belief and opposition, Planned Parenthood does not use any of its money to fund abortions – patients usually have to fund those themselves.

Planned Parenthood’s president, Cecile Richards, said:


"This will make a real difference in so many people’s lives. Thanks to the Obama Administration, [low income] women will still be able to access the birth control they need to plan their families, and the cancer screenings they need to stay healthy.

“This rule makes it clear that politicians cannot ignore the law as they pursue their agenda to stop women from getting the care they need.”


Obama's move here is legendary. After relentless attacks on people's reproductive rights, he really has changed the game. Not only was it in Trump's plans to rid Obamacare completely, but he also wanted to defund Planned Parenthood anywhere to please himself and the rest of the hyper-religious Republican population.

(GIF: wifflegif.com)

(GIF: wifflegif.com)

Of course, the promise of a future where constitutional rights and healthcare for women is guaranteed has angered the American masses. Republican Representative for Tennessee, Diane Black, has since been sent into a perplexed rage – according to Politics USA, the politician is leading an investigation into debunked videos to reverse the ruling on the basis women do not have a right to such procedures as abortion. Black said:


 “We must use the full force of Congress and grassroots strength of the [Catholic] pro-life movement to defeat this absurd rule and prevent the Obama Administration from carrying out political favours and prop up a scandal-ridden abortion provider.”


The Republican is referring to when Planned Parenthood was the subject of a media storm after false reports claimed the institution was selling aborted foetal tissue. The lack of evidence to support the claims suggested the video was heavily edited to be misleading and containing misconstrued information.

The case has been proven to be wrong, and yet many anti-abortion activists won't let go. At the expense of women's autonomy over their bodies.

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By Lydia Morrish, published on 10/11/2016