Norway Well On Its Way To Becoming World's Most Eco-Friendly Nation

Despite already being listed among the greenest countries on the planet, Norway has come on leaps and bounds since COP21. Back in 2014, the nation came in just behind Sweden and just in front of Costa Rica to be named the second most eco-friendly country in the world.

While these kind of rankings do vary according to the observed characteristics, they are still a valuable overview of a country is performing on the world scale in terms of potential and ambition. And while the nations we call 'developed' have been widely criticised for their lack of concrete action since the Paris climate conference, Norway has proved itself to be a top student.

Îles Lofoten, Norway (Photo: Martin de Lusenet / Flickr)

An essential country on the oil market – the 14th biggest in the world for oil and 6th for gas – Norway adopted a motion in June that hopes to make the country carbon neutral by the year 2030 – twenty years earlier than originally planned.

As such, Norway hopes to be at the forefront in the fight against climate change, to the extent that it's ready to pay other countries to cut their emissions under carbon trading schemes. This being said, the government states that 98% of its electricity production already comes from renewable sources, in particular hydraulic power.

Beyond these admirable achievements, Norway also became the first country in the world to commit to zero deforestation just a couple of months ago. In 2014, our Norwegian pals signed a joint declaration with Germany and the UK which pledged to encourage the use of deforestation-free supply chains.

To round things off, the government is also mulling over the idea of banning sales of petrol-powered cars by the year 2025. If the country goes ahead with the plan it would be the first to adopt such a radical measure. While the objective has been deemed too ambitious by some, the country's level of enthusiasm is really a thing to be admired.

Keep doing your thing, Norway.

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By Jeanne Pouget, published on 08/08/2016