Nike’s Self-lacing Sneakers Inspired By 'Back To The Future' To Be Mass-Produced

The self-lacing sneakers by Nike are making a come back with a new look inspired by the iconic movie.

Very invested in pop culture, Nike renews its attempt to produce sneakers inspired by Back to the future. For years, the brand has been trying to produce an accessible model of the self-lacing shoes similar to the ones created by Marty McFly. Good news: it is finally coming out on May 29 and will be available for everyone on Nike's website.

The first model was out of reach for the majority, as it was a (very) limited edition coasting no less than a staggering 30 000 dollars. At the end of February though, Nike seemed determined to produce a cheaper model: the Adapt BB for 350 dollars. Now, this model has been adapted with a Mag Makeover. Although not as limited as before, the number of sneakers available should, however, make them hard to get on the day of their release.

Inspired by the Air Mag which had been created especially for the movie, the shoe has the colors and shape of the original, only lighter. It is called Wolf Gray and will still work through the app, allowing the user to lace their shoe using their phone with the promise of optimal support for the feet.

By Eléna Pougin, published on 22/05/2019