Fundraising Campaign To Buy Nice 'Scooter Hero' New Vehicle Is Launched

A fundraising campaign hoping to raise money for the man who attempted to stop the truck that ploughed into crowds in Nice on Bastille Day has been launched.

The man, up to this point only known as the 'scooter hero', is called Franck and lost his scooter in the attempt to halt terrorist Mohamed Lahouaiej Boulhel's deadly attack.

In admiration of the courageous act, two Frenchmen, Sam Hassanine and Aymeric Monrocq, organised an online kitty via crowdfunding site Leetchi with the aim of buying Franck a new scooter to "thank him for his gesture".

Sam explains: "We'd had enough of only seeing negative news. This civilian hero brought us hope."


Screenshot of the donation page for Franck. (Photo: Leetchi)

Sam goes on to say that while the campaign didn't really take off in the beginning, donations "exploded" after French daily Nice Matin shared an article about the initiative.

At the beginning, the two men set up a target of €9,000 – being the price of Franck's original scooter. However, since the fundraiser began last Thursday the total has reached a whopping €22,903 and counting, and it will remain open until July 31.

All extra cash will be donated to the hospitals, fire brigade and emergency services that brought aid to the victims of the attack. As the pair explained to Ouest France "We contacted the hospitals that dealt with the injured in Nice to ask what they needed".

The project "Un scooter pour un héros" (a scooter for a hero) is working so well that the crowdfunding site has agreed to take "no fees for [campaigns dedicated to] the Nice attacks".

Laurent Lachkar, owner of the dealership where the vehicle will be bought, has also stated that he will donate his sales margin "to charities dedicated to helping the victims."

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By Salomé Vincendon, published on 27/07/2016