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Welcome to #NeverGonnaGIFYouUp! A weekly series on Konbini showcasing the best GIF illustrators from around the interwebs

Francois Beaurain's style of seamlessly looped GIFs have the kind of hypnotising effect that will mesmerise you for hours. However his work is so much more than just pleasing to the eye. Beaurain uses his chosen medium to showcase and educate all corners of humanity.

Now Beaurain has collaborated with Konbini to create a a series of GIFs documenting and celebrating the repetitiveness many of us know well - the morning commute.

(GIF: Konbini/Francois Beaurain)

Konbini: How would you describe yourself…

I am french visual artist based in Paris with a passion for Africa. Currently I am mostly into gifs for which I have special affection. I also work, in parallel to my artsitic activities, as a climate change consultant, job that allows to travel a lot.

(GIF: Konbini/Francois Beaurain)

What’s the Francois Beaurain world about?

Francois Beaurain's world is not so far from Neverland. It is an archipelago.lost somewhere in the Ocean and I like to go there sometimes.

(GIF: Konbini/Francois Beaurain)

What inspires your GIFs?

"Daily life" is my main source of inspiration. Daily life consists in the endless repetitions of the same moves, and gif is the best tool  to depict them. I just need to add a little bit of my imagination on top of it. It works everywhere, in the slums of Liberia, in an industrial site from former Soviet Union or in La Défense, the business quarter of Paris.

(GIF: Konbini/Francois Beaurain)

Favourite pop culture icons?

There are too many but I love to quote Escher because he blew my mind when I was a child and it is currently a main source of inspiration for my work with gifs and collages. Escher is somehow responsible for my obsession for tiles, zelij, loops, repetition, endless motion etc...

(GIF: Konbini/Francois Beaurain)

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