Masters Of Ink: Circuits And Nature Unite In Georgie Williams' Futuristic Tattoos

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Past and future are tightly connected, and tattoo art is a great illustration of this terrestrial link especially evident in New Zealand tattoo artist Georgie Williams' work.

Williams has traveled for two and a half years to extend her artistic universe which gave her the intuition that body and tattoos are a natural alliance. Fusing her interests in nature with architecture and technology, Georgie found a way to make the many elements work together and create a unique style that sets her' tattoos apart. The artist tells Konbini:

"My tattoo art reflects my philosophy of being and living. It is born from experiences of new moments, cultures, people and places, a way to get new perspectives, ideas and experiences of the world that we live in."

If her abstract blackwork is reminiscent of tribal tattoos, their geometry definitely possesses some cybernetic vibes. Williams' tattoos blend natural elements and electronic circuits, a good way to decorate "human beings 2.0."

"I feel that technology and art are two ever-present parts of the contemporary society we live in. They are both a way of experiencing and a way of interpreting the world in the form of communication, expression and representation."

To create her tattoos, the artist works closely with each of her clients, building from what they bring in as a source of reference, which highlights their own connection to the world. According to Georgie, "this dynamic between me and my clients, and human form, in general, has helped shape my style and my way of working."

But contrary to technology's physical aspect, Williams' work is infused with spirituality and designed to be bigger than life. Georgie conjures evolution referencing the mutations that humans and animals have gone through in order to survive. In other words, her tattoos are a way to find harmony with nature while preparing for the new world.

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By Jen Ripper, publish on 14/03/2018