This Map Shows Which European Countries Are The Most Racist

A study by the European Commission asked EU citizens how comfortable they would feel, if their child pursued a romantic relationship with a person from a different cultural background or faith.

The relationship between Europe and migrants has often been covered within the media but over the years many people have evolved with the times but this questionnaire has certainly put some matters into perspective.

The data which was collected in 2015 was re-released in August 2017 by reddit user Bezzelford, who created quite a stir online after revamping the data in map form and here are the results,


Image of Map showing which countries are more tolerant towards Black relations to those who are not.

(Photo: Bezzelford via Reddit)

The first map shows an overall acceptance from EU citizens with Great Britain, Sweden, Denmark and Netherlands in the top 90 to 100% bracket whereas citizens from Bulgaria, Slovakia and the Czech Republic are less comfortable scoring under 30%. 

The second map shows Sweden are again the high scorers and are most likely to accept whilst Slovakia, Czech Republic are less comfortable to allow an Asian courting their child.


(Photo: Bezzelford via Reddit)

(Photo: Bezzelford via Reddit)

More People (Photo: Bezzelford via Reddit)

The remaining two map shows a higher average of EU citizens are more accepting of Jewish relations with their child as opposed to Muslims with most below the 40% mark.

The final map shows a great divide between the same countries who favoured black, Jewish and Asian people over Muslims as they were far higher. Surprisingly France were more accepting than other countries, given their history of banning the burkini and the niqab [Veil]. 

There were however other statistics as reported by Boredpanda, stating the original EC study showed less than half of all respondents would approve of their children dating a Roma person [gypsy], or even a transgender person. 

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By Shima Begum, published on 15/08/2017


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