Man Fleeing London Bridge With Pint Becomes Symbol Of Resilience

A man seen fleeing the London Bridge attack with a pint in hand has become an unlikely hero after his photo started making the rounds on social media.

In the midst of horror and chaos, the unnamed man is seen surrounded by people running from the scene apparently without spilling a drop of his beer. The man has since become a symbol of London stoicism, prompting a series of reactions on Twitter.

While some have praised his ability to stay "cool and calm", others have joked about the capital's drink prices. 

One account has even compared the man's actions to this archived WWII image of a woman in London sipping tea on the wreckage of her house.

In fact, ex-SAS officer has said that the man actually did the most sensible thing by bringing his pint along for the ride. John Geddes says that remaining armed, even if it is just with a pint of flat beer is better than nothing. Throwing the pint in the face of an attacker would be enough to momentarily immobilise them. He said:


"You can only run so far and so fast – and for some people that isn’t an option, so you have to fight." 


Responding with defiance, and even humour, the image is a surefire sign that London's spirit is not about to be broken any time soon. 

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By Cyrielle Bedu, published on 05/06/2017