Intellectuals Are More Likely To Lounge Around Naked At Home, Study Finds

No matter how comfortable you are with your body, some people just don't like the idea of lounging around at home naked.

A study has uncovered however, that certain personality traits are more likely to revel in the idea of wandering about in the buff.

The paper, published in Personality and Individual Differences which studies traits from the Big Five personality scale states that those who are higher in intellect are more likely to be naked while being domestic at home.

The Big Five personality traits are extraversion, agreeableness, contentiousness, emotional stability and intellect. However, intellect also refers to openness to new experiences so this can be confusing as openness to new experience doesn't always correlate to intellect.

The Science of Us reports that:


Those higher in intellect, or openness to experience, were more likely to swear around other people, buy organic food, create art, eat spicy breakfasts, not follow a sports team closely, do car maintenance on their own, and to lounge around the house without clothes on.


So next time you plan to dance like no one is watching just remember, you're the smart one!

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By Kate Lismore, published on 05/05/2017