Instagrammers Love It, But This Russian Turquoise ‘Lake’ Is Actually Toxic

Nicknamed "Siberian Maldives", this paradisiacal place is in fact dangerous for locals and tourists.

Instagrammers love turquoise lakes for their outdoor photos, even if it means putting themselves in danger. A lake in Russia is particularly popular with influencers.

Located near the city of Novosibirsk, this Russian "lake" known as "Siberian Maldives" is actually owned by a coal-fired power plant which rejects the ashes of the material in the water which turns in this surreal color, because of the presence of metal oxide and calcium salts.


The plant - the largest in the region - was built in the 1970s and last month, the Siberian Generating Company called on visitors to the site not to drink the water, not to swim in it or even to get in contact with it. However, the plant has refuted the risk of radiation.


But that's not the only danger: the bottom of the lake is so muddy that it may be impossible to get out. However, the body of water is entitled to its own account of fans on Instagram and one company continues to offer paddle rides.

These Instagrammers, tourists or locals, who think they are swimming in sublime and transparent turquoise water are in fact literally swimming in an industrial landfill. Well done.



By Apolline Bazin, published on 16/07/2019


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