This Idris Elba Body Pillow Is Here For Every Single's Valentines Day Cuddling Needs

If the prospect of not having anyone to cuddle with this Valentine's Day is getting you down, there may be a solution to cure your single-life woes - and whatever you thought we might be talking about, you're wrong. The only Valentine's Day gift you need to buy yourself this year is a shirtless-man body pillow.

Always fantasised about spooning Idris Elba? Dream about Micheal B. Jordan nightly? Then online retailer Izzy & Liv can make your dreams come true, and then some. Their site has a smorgasbord of options, so if 90s babe Tyrese Gibson or R&B smooth operator Trey Songz tickle your fancy a bit more, no need to panic, they've got those too.

If you're noticing a theme here, it's because their "main focus is to create clothing and accessories that celebrate women of colour."  Izzy & Liv's Nicole W. Brown told Mic that their brand "is inspirational, fun, sassy, filled with pop culture references and a bit retro." All these hunks are lovingly hand-stitched - because a machine-stitched shirtless-man body pillow would just be tacky.

This Idris Elba body pillow is all you will need on Valentine's Day

Hubba hubba (Photo: Izzy & Liv)

While you may giggle at the idea of sexy body pillows - or find it extremely creepy - the practice is very much a thing in Japan. Dakimakura - translated as “hug pillow” or “Dutch Wife” - is a thriving subculture of otaku, the obsessive fandom surrounding anime and manga that has flourished in Japan in the last two decades. 

According to many studies, the rise of men and women who indulge in moe relationships, real relationships with 2D lovers, can be attributed in part to the difficulty that many young Japanese have in navigating modern romantic life. A government survey found, in fact, that more than a quarter of unmarried men and women between the ages of 30 and 34 are virgins; and 50% of men and women in Japan said they were single.

This Idris Elba body pillow is here to solve every single's Valentines Day cuddling woes

(Photo: NBC)

The bedding itself is not considered a sex object, but the term has become closely associated with a subset of adult-themed “love pillows,” which feature life-size graphic prints of scantily-clad anime characters or adult film stars - in this case, Idris Elba.

The passion for an inanimate person or thing is know as object sexuality, and although it used to be considered a sexual perversion, it's slowly starting to become accepted as a sexuality. It's quite common in pop culture as well, Ryan Gosling fell in love with a sex doll in Lars and the Real Girl, and James Franco was in a relationship with a body pillow called Kimiko in 30 Rock. 

The dakimakura culture still has to make its way to the Western culture, so we doubt anyone will be falling in love with an Idris Elba body pillow. But we also can't guarantee that it won't happen, because, really, have you seen him?

So, whether you're single and refuse to spend another Valentine's Day without anyone to cuddle, or you don't know what to buy your significant other, we've got you covered.

Either way, you're welcome.

This Idris Elba body pillow will get you through Valentine's Day

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By Olivia Cassano, publish on 05/02/2016