Here's What Happened When A Pet Store Tried Selling Gay Turtles To People

Back in 2015, the UN expressed deep concerns over anti-LGBT movements sweeping Turkey, and has urged authorities to fight against homophobic and transphobic acts of violence and discrimination – including rape, assault, robbery and even posters encouraging the murder of LGBT people. Almost a year later, not much has changed.

To draw society's attention to the absurd hate levels towards the lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans community, Amnesty International and ad agency TBWA Istanbul launched a thought-provoking awareness campaign.

#GayTurtle features a pet store employee trying to sell a homosexual turtle to unsuspecting customers.

Producers used eight hidden cameras capture peoples' astonishment. Their faces speak louder than words...

The customers' reactions ranged from silent awe to wondering if homosexuality is contagious.

As one YouTube commenter aptly pointed out, "homosexuality is found in over 450 species; homophobia is found in only one."

It's about time we do something about it, isn't it?

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By Justina Bakutyte, published on 25/04/2016