Hamburg Eliminates Coffee Capsules And Bottled Water From Its Public Services

Hamburg is pulling out all the stops in its bid to become an exemplary model of environmental management. According to Le Monde, Germany's second largest city has come up with a series of drastic new regulations drawn up in a document titled "The Guide to Green Procurement". The 150-page-long text reveals in detail the eco-friendly measures which must immediately be put into effect by all Hamburg public service providers.  

Among the 150 rules stipulated by the document is a straight-up ban on buying disposable packaging, including bottled water and beer, coffee capsules, and plastic plates and cutlery. But the text doesn't stop there. It goes on to define other measures to be practised in public spaces which comprise ruling out the use of chlorine-based cleaning products and pollutant air fresheners, implementing strict regulation on lighting and encouraging workers to use public transport instead of cars.

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Nespresso, you're no longer welcome in Hamburg. (Photo: iStock)


The measures aim to stop public money being wasted on products or actions that may end up polluting the region. As such, the residents of Hamburg – the richest city in the country – will essentially be financially contributing towards making their home more environmentally friendly. 

Even for Germany, usually fairly on the ball when it comes to sustainable development, this is quite a revolution. 

As Le Monde explains, this new policy was made possible thanks to the strong regional presence of Germany's green party. Here's hoping that the measures make their way to the international level and across the rest of Europe. 


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By Jeanne Pouget, published on 15/02/2016