Meet Francesco Vullo, The Artist Creating Ironic Pop Culture Images

Francesco Vullo is young Italian artist who has created a world of his own - through his images, he produces humorous, colourful and striking images with ironic messages and a strong element of social critique.

Curious about such a young and creative mind, Konbini decided to ask him a few questions about himself, his sources of inspiration and his artistic opinion.


Think Big (Image: Francesco Vullo x Konbini)


"I've always loved drawing, creating, imagining, and expressing my creativity through all means possible", he says. He explains that this directed him towards a career in art; after high school, he went on to study at the IED in Milan.

When asked about Italy, he speaks with love and admiration: "Being from and growing up in a country with such a rich history and such a vast artistic heritage has surely played a fundamental role. I think that my taste for aesthetics and my artistic vision have definitely been influenced by this."

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Unpredictable inspiration

His view of the world explains his very varied and unpredictable sources of inspiration. He talks of a time the simple sight of an iron gave him the idea for his next artwork.

Of course, this doesn't always happen, and Vullo explains he mostly gets his inspiration from international news, a book, walking down the street or just checking his Instagram feed. "There's no one rule, that's the beauty of it."


This unpredictability shows in his artwork: his creations range from remakes of famous paintings with a humorous twist, to surreal representations of common objects. In this way, he brings together elements from different worlds and creates thought-provoking but also humorous messages:


"I think humour is the right way to communicate messages of social critique and talk about themes that can be quite heavy."



The Sound of Violence (Image: Francesco Vullo x Konbini)


Thus he visually represents his opinion on certain topics, and creates a world of his own as a personal representation of modern reality. Sometimes, this personal view is shared:


"I've had the satisfaction of receiving a few messages and comments from people who could relate to what I created or who associated one of my images to a personal experience of emotion."


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On social media

Vullo recognises the utility and power of social media, and admits that his career has been jumpstarted by these tools. By posting a picture on his Instagram page he reaches thousands of people all around the world - something which could not be done before.

However, when talking about them, he reinforces the importance of understanding "their dark side", and the alienation and dependence that they cause -"exaggerating is never good."


Modern Clairvoyance (Image: Francesco Vullo x Konbini)]

On his future

After having travelled to New York for a few months to work at the Tribeca Film Festival - a "super cool" experience - he has now just landed a job in Los Angeles in an Italian artist's studio. He's basically living the American dream.

When asked about his new projects and where he sees himself in the future, he remains vague: "We'll see! The only thing I can tell you is that I'm starting to plan my first personal exhibition. I'll keep you updated."

Follow Francesco Vullo on his website and on Instagram.

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By Sophie Tobin, published on 14/02/2017

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