#FlipItForGood: The New Useful Challenge On Social Media

A challenge on social media could help retrieve plastic bottles.

Challenge as temporary as they are useless such as the Fire Challenge to the Ten Years Challenge are appearing on social media all the time. And they get forgotten as soon as they stop being trending topics.

Sometimes they prove useful though, as was the Ice Bucket Challenge, initially created to support the research against Charcot disease. It could be the case of the #FlipItForGood hashtag. Launched by the French company Evian, it refers to the Bottle Flip, another challenge which was quite successful on social media a while back.

The initial Bottle Flip prompted people to throw a water bottle in the air to try flipping it so it lands upright. Except this time, the aim is to have it land in the recycling bin.

Among the people who played along so far is National Geographic photographer Cory Richards, and model and Instagram star Luka Sabbat. Both of them are the official faces of the #FlipItForGood challenge.

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For better or worse, plastic is part of our world and is here to stay. How we choose to deal with it now will play a major role in the the kind of world we live in in the future. The plastic issue is not one for tomorrow it’s one for today. Super proud to partner with @evianwater who launched a great initiative: for every bottle we flip into the recycling bin, they take one out of nature. Together, we can "Flip it For Good". So, flip it, film it and tag #flipitforgood to make a big impact. I challenge @marianavz, @cara_santa_maria and you all to show me your best flips! Visit my profile and click the link to learn more about Evian's initiative "Flip It For Good" that asks us all to put plastic in the right place. #earthday #natgeo #natgeopartner #ad

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weekend à Strasbourg x #earthday #flipitforgood @evianwater

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Evian partnered with the for-profit organization PlasticBank, pledging to remove one bottle in the wilderness for every posted flip, by funding waste collection operations.

By Astrid Van Laer, published on 24/04/2019