Finger Piercings Offer Unconventional Bling For Modification Enthusiasts

Body modification in any form is no new practice, with centuries of civilizations adorning and altering their skin. From tattoos, to scarifications and piercings, mankind has always looked for a way to mark themselves as part of a specific tribe when presenting themselves to the world. 

The multitude of things you can pierce, mark, or modify on your body is endless, with virtually every inch of skin being fair game for adorning. Whether it's your face, neck, arm or leg, you can add a mark or some form of bling if you so choose. 

Today, piercing style trends have managed to find their way to a somewhat unconventional space for the practice: the hands. More specifically, the fingers. And even more specific and regal than a finger  piercing, people are getting diamonds embedded in their digits. 

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The act is accomplished by either going through with a dermal or surface piercing. Dermal and surface piercings differ, however, by the process used. Surface piercings go directly through the area of skin you're looking to pierce, entering and exiting with a needle.  Dermal piercings, however, are characterized by attaching an 'anchor' underneath the skin which is then stitched up. A diamond is then placed in the anchor to bling out the region. 

Dermal or surface finger piercings aren't for the faint of heart, however. One must practice extreme caution going forward, otherwise, you run the risk of snagging the protruding jewelry on a piece of clothing or through normal daily activity, and that could be a very ugly sight. 

While we aren't protesting for everyone to go out and get a finger piercing, we do think it's among the more intriguing and alluring body modifications one can get. So we see no problem encouraging anyone interested in the art form to consider the new trend the next time their itching for a new modification to gush over. 

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By Kimberly B. Johnson, publish on 14/03/2018