Par Olivia Cassano

We know Brexit was three months ago so we should be over it by now - except the part we're dreading the most still hasn't happened and we don't know when/if it will happen - but like any bad breakup it's hard to move on when your ex is seemingly having the time of their life without you.

Case in point: while the UK is dealing with the general shitshow of leaving the European Union, Brussels has proposed to offer every European teenager a free holiday to build a “sense of belonging”... Brits not invited, ofc.

Yes, the EU is considering giving all Europeans a free InterRail - usually month-long passes that let the young and free travel across Europe’s rail network to their heart's content - pass ( usually around £421) for their 18th birthday.


(Photo: Alba Campus/Flickr)

The European Parliament said the initiative could rekindle enthusiasm for the EU as well as counter the rise of nationalism seen in Britain and other Brexit-sympathising countries. Which isn't embarrassing at all for us.

Although many parliament members have acknowledged it will be hard to launch the scheme - especially as almost five million citizens turn 18 each year - they seem determined to find funding sources. This is the part in the breakup where your ex buys his new parter a lavish gift that you've always wanted.

“People all around Europe must get to know and learn to cherish each other,” legislator Manfred Weber told Reuters. “Our wish is that as many youngsters as possible ... get to know other countries and make new friends,” except for Brits, we've been grounded.

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