Elon Musk Reportedly Working On A Secret Comedy Project With 'The Onion' Writers

Already making a name for himself as the Jack of all trades, Space X, Tesla, Neuralink, SolarCity, and Boring Company founder and Hyperloop ideator Elon Musk is about to add "comedy mogul" to his list of ventures.

According to The Daily Beast reporter Max Tani, Musk has been poaching people from the satirical news organization The Onion to work on some secret comedy project together. He's already got former editor-in-chief Cole Bolton and executive editor Ben Berkley to join, including some former writers.

(Photo: Tristar Media/WireImage via Getty Images)

According to the Daily Beast article, Bolton and Berkley have been working on the secret comedy project with Musk since last year. The men have confirmed their involvement saying: "We can confirm that we have learned nothing from prevailing trends in media and are launching a brand-new comedy project."

As for Elon himself, he chose to remain cryptic only saying: "It’s pretty obvious that comedy is the next frontier after electric vehicles, space exploration, and brain-computer interfaces. Don’t know how anyone’s not seeing this." Turns out, the entrepreneur has considered buying The Onion back in 2014.

The general public, however, isn't too amused with the idea of Musk venturing into comedy. And while some think it might be some diabolical scheme to teach comedy to AI robots, others believe Musk is just being distracted, much like he was with flamethrowers for the approaching zombie apocalypse... Focus, Elon!

By Justina Bakutyte, publish on 14/03/2018