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A Definitive Guide To The World's Most Awesome Toilets

We all have a set of criteria to take into consideration when planning a vacation abroad. For some it’s food, for some it’s weather, for some it’s the culture or nightlife, and for some, it’s the loos.

Discerning travelers can now judge their vacation destinations by the awesomeness of their toilets, ranging from mountain pews, Gaudi-like stalls, futuristic thrones and latrines in the middle of the desert. I bet you never gave it much thought, but it turns out that there’s an awful lot of loo options out there to pick from.

Travel guide giant Lonely Planet - an internationally renowned travel magazine which has arguably revolutionised the tourism industry - selected the best shitters of the bunch in “Toilets: A Spotters Guide”, which “features over a hundred of the world’s most stunning lavatories to remember from every corner of the globe – from Antartica to Zambia.”

The 128-page tome includes a lavish London loo, a sleek Slovakian bucket urinal and a high-tech “toylet” in Tokyo - just to name a few - all examples of what Lonely Planet describes as a “window into the secret soul of a destination,”

"Toilets so often transcend their primary function of being a convenience to become a work of art in their own right, or to make a cultural statement about the priorities, traditions and values of the venues, locations and communities they serve”

So, without further ado, if all you’ve ever wanted to do is take a poo in a truly cool crapper, here are some of the world’s best defecation destinations.

Toilets next to the road in Chott el Djerid, Tunisia (Photo: Lucio Valmaggia/Lonely Planet)

Toilets next to the road in Chott el Djerid, Tunisia (Photo: Lucio Valmaggia/500px/Lonely Planet)

4600m up the flanks of Mt Kilimanjaro in the Barafu Camp, Tanzania (Photo: Jørn Eriksson/500px/Lonely Planet)

Gaudi-style turtle-befuddling toilets in Bahia, Brazil (Photo: Sheyne Lucock/Lonely Planet)

Café Achteck pissoirs in Berlin, Germany (Photo: Claudio De Sat/Lonely Planet)

Outhouses in the Fiordland national park, New Zealand (Photo: Chris R. Hasenbichler/Lonely Planet)

Jericoacoara, Brazil (Photo: Thomas Heinze/500px/Lonely Planet)

Even the toilets are designed by Helmut Jahn in the Sony Center in Berlin’s Potsdamer Platz (Photo: Werner Monatsspruch/500px/Lonely Planet)

A toilet at the base of 6,812m Ama Dablan, Nepal (Photo: David Ruiz Luna/500px/Lonely Planet)

Toilet island near Placencia, Belize (Photo: 500px/Lonely Island)

The shower is fed by geothermal water, Krafla, Iceland (Photo: Marco Stupan/500px/Lonely Island)

Tonto Trail, Gran Canyon National Park, USA (Photo: James Capo/500px/Lonely Planet)

Not technically a toilet, but still pretty impressive, Foshan, China (Photo: 500px/Lonely Planet)

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By Olivia Cassano, published on 15/04/2016