(Photo: Arno Elias)

Cara Delevigne Is The New Nude Face Fighting Trophy Hunting

Cara Delevigne has become the next in a line of altruistic stars to defend the rights of animals, joining the good fight against trophy hunting. Becoming the face for newly launched international anti-poaching campaign I'm Not A Trophy the supermodel stripped down, showing off her lion tattoo and rejection of animal cruelty.

In the au naturale campaign shot by photographer Arno Elias after the pair met, Delevigne is seen laying on the floor in a big cat-esque pose with projections on her body of endangered animals weaving throughout her tattoos.

(Photo: Arno Elias)

(Photo: Arno Elias)


Speaking about the campaign, the model-turned-actress told Marie Claire:


"I was introduced to Arno's work after falling in love with the images he did for my friend and fellow model, Suki Waterhouse.

"Suki put us in touch and before we knew it we were in Paris shooting together.


But the 23-year-old isn't just in it for the nice portraits – she genuinely cares about our endangered friends.



"I plan on being very hands-on with the organisation and will do whatever I can to help create awareness for the tragic poaching and trophy hunting that is occurring in Africa.

"I'm extremely proud to act as inaugural ambassador for the first-ever, international I'm Not a Trophy campaign, a cause that not only benefits endangered species, but empowers women as well."


Delevigne's not new to caring about animal rights. After the highly-publicised killing of Cecil the Lion, the model auctioned off a TAG Heuer watch to raise a donation for Wildlife Conservation Research Unit.

(Photo: Arno Elias)

(Photo: Arno Elias)

In other high profile animal rights news, PETA are continuing to wage war against Hermés. Since it was unveiled the fashion brand was using ostrich skins in some of their goods, the animal charity has been upping the anti to shut Hermés down.

On Tuesday PETA invaded the company's annual meeting in Paris to protest against the use of exotic leathers. Their feisty move followed an investigation by the animal rights group which discovered some farms in the US and Zimbabwe had been cutting open crocodiles and alligators alive to preserve the quality of end products.

A representative from PETA told Hermés chief Axel Dumas during the meeting:


"Behind every ostrich, crocodile, or alligator-skin Birkin bag is a short, miserable life of deprivation capped off by a violent death. Knowing of the suffering that animals endure for these bags, when will Hermès stop using exotic animal skins?"


Many will see Cara's move to get naked for the rights of our animal friends as another call for fame or an insincere attempt to seem like a faithful person. Either way, we need people in positions like hers to fight for lions, rhinos, ostriches and crocs alike. Before soon, there will be none left.

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By Lydia Morrish, published on 03/06/2016


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