More Muscle, Less Problems? Inside The Warped World Of Bigorexia

Although pop culture still portrays body woes as a female problem, men are also struggling with pressures to look masculine and muscular.

Around 10% of Britain's male gym-goers are suffering from the underreported mental health condition 'bigorexia' (AKA muscle dysmorphia), the strand of body dysmorphic disorder which sees (mostly) men obsessed with packing on muscle. Despite being great big hunks of meat, they perceive themselves as small and skinny and feel anxious about their bodies.

Konbini headed to a London body building gym to meet some of the capital's hench guys to explore this detrimental condition and how it can affect the male psyche. As you know, men aren't openly "allowed" to discuss their deepest insecurities, so it took a while for the guys to open up. BFFs Joe and Harry talked openly about their relationship with their bodies for the first time. But, sadly, off-camera they later vowed never to discuss the subject with each other again.

Even we had a hard time remembering this issue is a serious one during the making of the documentary; it's tough to remove yourself from decades of men being told to stop being pussies and to start treating male body issues with the same energy we treat female ones.

Konbini UK's first documentary Building Big uncovers the correlation between muscle and male body image in a world full of pressure to show that men too have insecurities and they shouldn’t be afraid to talk about it. Watch it above.

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By Lydia Morrish, published on 01/11/2016