Boris Johnson Is Now On Pornhub Because He 'Fucked' Britain

It's been five days since the EU referendum and still we can't go five minutes without talking about Brexit, Brits or Boris. Now it's not just news feeds and front pages the ex-mayor is dominating – Pornhub is putting its two pence in.

A hilarious cyber war has been waged on the former Mayor of London after someone uploaded a video of his victory speech on Friday to the porn website. Maintaining those mainstream porno vibes though, the lucky uploader appropriately named the clip: "Dumb British Blonde Fucks 15 Million People at Once". Lovely.

(Image: Pornhub)

(Image: Pornhub)

It can only be assumed those 15 million individuals are the Brits among us who voted to remain in the EU. The real number was actually 16,141,241 but nobody's relying on Pornhub for facts.

The upload is seven minutes of cold, hard speaking from the blondie addressing David Cameron's resignation and how Britain will penetrate the rest of the world upon the Brexit. Sexit?

Celebrating the once-in-a-lifetime occasion (we sincerely hope it's only once) that Boris Johnson is compared to an adult movie, the website tweeted some advice to us Brits: "Hey Britain, if you want to fuck yourself, use Pornhub next time."

Although it's sound advice from the adult entertainment monolith, nothing says it's the end like a put down from a porn site to an entire nation. All we can hope for now is some hot break up sex with the European Commission. Where's Boris?

Jokes aside, the monumental amount of attention the EU referendum has gathered worldwide is telling of how huge an impact the Brexit debate is having across the globe. While our clueless politicians scramble to organise what happens next, the world is watching.

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By Lydia Morrish, publish on 28/06/2016