Berlin: A Couple Of Gay Penguins Picked Up An Abandoned Egg

Here is nature's response to all the opponents of same-sex partner adoption out there!

Skipper and Ping are a couple of penguins that can be seen at the Berlin Zoo. Since they were transferred from Hamburg Zoo to this establishment in the capital last April, the two males have been inseparable.

According to a zoo official interviewed by the Berliner Zeitung, the two penguins were desperately trying to brood anything they could find, such as fish or stones. Faced with their desire for paternity, the zoo officials decided to give them an egg, abandoned since July by the only female in the park. 


Since they took charge of the egg, they have been behaving like "model parents" according to the zoo spokesman, who tells how the two males take turns keeping the egg warm.

Unlike most mammals, penguins can share the parenting role on a strictly equal basis, fulfilling the same roles.

"There is no real difference in the care given to the offspring between males and females," explained a Sydney Marine Aquarium manager to AFP in 2018. 


Last October, this establishment allowed Sphen and Magic - a couple of male penguins - to become parents.

While in the wild these couples generally do not have children, this is made possible by the caretakers of zoos. 

In reality, for Skipper and Ping, nothing is yet decided. Indeed, the people in charge of the Berlin zoo do not know if the egg they are incubating has been fertilized. Fingers crossed for these aspiring parents, and for the Berlin Zoo, which could thus welcome its first animal bred by parents of the same sex, next September


By Clothilde Bru, published on 13/08/2019


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