Belgium: A Restaurant Serves Water Filtered From The Toilets To Its Diners

Sounds gross, right?

In a restaurant in the town of Kuurne, in Belgium, customers have been drinking water from the toilets – filtered, of course. 

It's obtained using a revolutionary purification technique. The restaurant recovers all of the water it uses, including the water flushed down the toilets and washed down the sink. Following a process of double filtration, the water can be drunk. Although not straight from a jug. 


According to the company which manufactures the filtration devices, the water is actually too pure to be consumed. It has to be enriched with minerals before being drunk. Other cities around the world have also adopted similar systems for filtering waste water, such as Perth in Australia, Singapore, and Los Angeles.

An Insufficiently Used System?

This system of recycling is insufficiently used, because it tends to put consumers off. A study commissioned by the University of Pennsylvania observed a distinct 'yuck factor'. But it's certain to become more and more widespread in the future, with increasing problems arising from drought, over-population and climate change... Water is becoming scarcer – would you be willing to drink water filtered from the toilets if necessary?


Article translated by: Eleanor Staniforth


By Clothilde Bru, published on 16/10/2019


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