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Behind The Scenes At The Instagram Accounts Exposing Celebrity Plastic Surgery

The pages draw attention to celebrities' surgical modifications, raising awareness and condemning the practice.

It's not exactly the revelation of the year: yes, numerous famous Hollywood figures have, at one point or another, undergone plastic surgery. You're probably thinking of the Kardashian clan, but Kim and her sisters are far from the only ones. Comedians, actresses, models and even influencers have gone under the knife in a quest for a more symmetrical face, a more subtle nose or more harmonious curves.  

For some time now, a series of Instagram accounts have been exploring a rather unusual editorial line. Pages like IG Famous and Celeb Face have taken it upon themselves to expose the various operations which our favorite stars have opted for. And their reasons for doing so are quite different, albeit complementary. Let's just say that the accounts weren't created just to display before and after photos of Kylie Jenner. 



"This is not a page for hate", said the person behind the Celeb Face account in an article for Dazed. "This is the page for people who use Instagram every day and think celebrities are perfect. But nobody is perfect." Few celebrities talk openly about the alterations made to their bodies, most likely because plastic surgery remains a taboo subject almost universally criticized by society. That's why it's always good to remember that these idealized physiques are not always achievable by natural means. 

The anonymous user behind the page Exposing All Celebs, which has now been deleted, emphasizes the shamelessly fake image cultivated by celebrities on Instagram. "The internet has so many lies," he said. "Some people tell me on the daily that my account boosts their self-esteem because now they know that influencers are not perfect and that they have flaws or insecurities". As well as humanizing the celebrities who use plastic surgery – because if we had a similar budget, we can't be sure we wouldn't get a tiny nose job or a jab of botox –, this type of account criticizes the practice of pretending that surgically altered bodies are an accessible ideal. This blast of reality is even more important, given that the celebrities' fans are often young and easily influenced. 


For IG Famous, which already has more than 50,000 subscribers, it's more than just a critique. The creator of the page explains to Dazed that her main goal was to educate her audience about the various plastic surgery operations:


"The stigma surrounding cosmetic procedures means that no-one really talks about it and celebrities deny it, or worse, attribute the results to something like exercise or eating clean. If someone is adamant they’re natural when it’s very obvious they’ve had work done or photoshopped the image, it’s deception. This results in lots of misinformation and ignorance, which is something I want to help resolve, so I’ll call them out for it.

I want people to learn what procedures are out there, what the expected results are, the downtime, pain and price. I think reducing ignorance about cosmetic procedures makes it more likely for everyone to have a healthy concept of what they are, what they can achieve, and how to have a safe and legal procedure."

It's a common trend for people who've undergone plastic surgery to be ruthlessly judged. And yet, it's important to examine the root of the problem: if people opt for these procedures, it's because our society has unrealistic, unhealthy beauty ideals. The irony is that these same celebrities feed these ideals without really realizing the damage they're doing. 


Article translated by: Eleanor Staniforth

By Florian Ques, published on 20/06/2019


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