An Entrepreneur Is Fixing 10 000 Self-Service Bikes For Children In Myanmar

They will go first to the kids walking more than a mile per day.

You probably already saw these incredible pictures of broken bikes free-floating in what became cemeteries looking exactly like the ones in the world of Wall-E. Brands like oBike and Ofo are among the ones which crashed, leaving thousands of bike abandoned somewhere.

Myanmar-born serial entrepreneur Mike Than Tun Win decided with his association LessWalk to bring these bikes back to life and to save the ones which were never used to prevent a massive waste to happen.


According to TechCrunch, Mike Thun Win came to a simple conclusion: all of these unused bikes could be of help to some children who have to walk miles to go to school every day, so why not repairing them and give them away?

That’s how the entrepreneur decided to get 10 000 bikes which were sold for a very low price. The association than put between 35 and 45 dollars per bike to repair it before sending it from Singapour to Myanmar.

The bikes will first be handed to kids between 13 and 16 who have to walk over a mile per day. To this day, around 6000 bikes were picked up. Halfway through the project, the association already considers doing the same in other countries in Asia. A great move to make the best of what was initially a business, of which we will only remember the futility.


By Pierre Schneidermann, published on 19/06/2019


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