15 Years After The End Of 'Friends', Courteney Cox Visits Her Old Apartment

It's not at all certain that Monica would still be able to pay the rent on her former abode these days...

It's little moments like this which make us realize how quickly time passes. Everything in this video published on Courteney Cox's Instagram account is deliciously familiar to us: the music, the street, the building, the fire escape running down the façade... The Friends actress, who's currently passing through New York, visited 90 Bedford Street, the legendary address of Monica Geller's apartment. 

The reason why we've never seen Monica outside her own building is that Friends was filmed in the studio, with mostly interior scenery. Outdoor views were later added in the post-production phase. Fun fact: all of the members of the gang lived in the apartment which Monica illegally sublet from her grandmother at one point or another.

Fifteen years after handing back the keys to the building, Courteney Cox made a brief pilgrimage back to the site, with music from the era to enhance the nostalgic effect. And if, like Jennifer Aniston, you're up for a revival of the cult series, you'd better not get too excited. For co-creator David Crane, there's absolutely no way it'll be brought back.

If you've missed any of the umpteen TV reruns, you can watch the entire back catalog of Friends on Netflix.


Article translated by: Eleanor Staniforth

By Delphine Rivet, published on 26/03/2019