14,000 Shoes Left On Capitol Lawn To Represent Kids Killed In Shootings Since 2012

Activists protesting the prevalence of gun violence in America have made their mark this week in D.C by placing 7,000 pairs of shoes on the lawn of the Capital building. The stunt was coordinated by civic organizing group Avaaz and represents the 7,000 children killed in shootings since Sandy Hook.

The Sandy Hook shooting took place back in Newton, CT. in 2012 when a 20-year-old shooter entered the elementary school, killing 20 children between the ages of six and 7, 6 adults, and his own mother before committing suicide himself. The mas shooting still goes down in American history as one of the most devastating examples of senseless gun violence, ever. 

Politics surrounding gun control in America – namely the mass amounts of dollars contributed by the NRA towards many of our most well-known political figures – has still managed to keep the discussion of any semblance of gun control from entering the public arena in any real way. Because of this, thousands of shootings have taken place since the 2012 Connecticut mass shooting. 

Avaaz's memorial is only a modest illustration of the detriment caused by senseless gun politics in America, which continue to make incidents such as the Parkland Shooting – which took the lives of 17 Florida high schools students last month – possible. 

The Capitol lawn demonstration is in conjunction with a nationwide walkout undertaken by thousands of students around the nation.  The acts of solidarity in protest of gun violence are among the most recent steps taken to bring awareness to the elevated instances of gun violence in America. Currently, the U.S. consists of the highest prevalence of homicides by gun violence in developed countries. 

By Kimberly B. Johnson, publish on 14/03/2018