This '100% Biodegradable Skin' Grows At The Same Time As The Food It Protects

What if you could grow your own food packaging? Because School of Form designer, Rosa Janusz, is working to make this futuristic-sounding venture a very real possibility.

Her latest brainchild is Scooby, 100% biodegradable packaging which grows at the same time as the food it protects – and is therefore alive. 

(Image: Roza Janusz)

A Second Skin For Our Food

This natural ‘skin’ is fed by agricultural waste, produced by the fermentation of the sugars which are present in it. This activity produces a liquid which is better known as kombucha. It is the membrane which forms on the surface of the liquid that acts as the packaging.

(Image: Roza Janusz)

This new skin could be compared to a protective cocoon, which allows the fruit to continue to grow. Several layers evolve, as in an onion, to protect the contents, as well as to assist the plant to grow properly.

Finally, some packaging which is good for the planet.

By Sixtine Jacquemin, published on 16/05/2018