A Wetherspoons-based Government (Image: Charles Dawson via Flickr CC/Wikimedia Commons)


Wetherspoons Has A Manifesto Outlining Policies For A Post-Brexit Britain

Wetherspoons came to be a prominent participant in the Brexit debate – following several 'hard-lined' interviews, talks and panel discussions from its chairman, Tim Martin.

And – now that the Government has demonstrated their inability to negotiate a deal with the European Union – the celebrated pub chain have even launched their own "manifesto".

Is a pub trying to overthrow the Government? (Image: Charles Dawson via Flickr CC/Wikimedia Commons)

Their "hard-hitting" mission statement has just been printed on half a million beer mats, which will be placed in 895 of their chains across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

It states the UK should "unilaterally grant rights of citizenship to legal EU migrants" and "stop paying the EU £200 million per week" – which it says "disappears into EU coffers."

The three-point manifesto also says ministers should eliminate import taxes on food from outside the EU – and calls on Theresa May, Jeremy Corbyn and Vince Cables to "STOP MESSING ABOUT".

Whetherspoons argues that this tax-free policy will result in a reduction in food prices in both shops and pubs.

"There has been a co-ordinated campaign to dupe the public," Martin writes, "Parliament has the power to reduce food prices at a stroke in March 2019."

"The EU imposes huge taxes on food imports from the rest of the world," he continues.

"WTO rules, contrary to the urban myth, allow the UK to follow free trade champions like New Zealand, Australia and Singapore, which have drastically reduced or eliminated these taxes."

"Wetherspoon calculates that it will save an average of 3.5p per meal and 0.5p per drink if we leave the EU and abolish food import taxes in March 2019"

Martin claims these savings will be lost in the proposed "transitional deal", as non-EU food tariffs will remain the same –  and insists a "no deal" Brexit could be fruitful. 

"There is absolutely no doubt that food prices will be cheaper without a deal; if the UK chooses the free trade option."

Wetherspoons has more than 35,000 employees, 40 hotels, multiple Loo of the Year awards and even a dress code, that asks customers to "remain fully clothed throughout their visit, including shoes."

But the real question is, could one of Britain's favourite pub lead us through a turbulent divorce with the EU? Could it overthrow May as Prime Minister? Stranger things have happened.

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By Matthew Kirby, published on 02/11/2017