Video: Walt Disney And Salvador Dali's Animated 1945 Short 'Destino'

The careers of both Walt Disney and Salvador Dali speak for themselves. But not everyone is aware of the extraordinary friendship and partnership that the two shared over the course of their lives. In 1945 the artist and the animator sat down together to produce visuals and storyboards for what they hoped would be a instant classic: Destino. Unfortunately, the busy lives of both men meant that the project went unfinished until the late 90s when Walt Disney's nephew Roy unearthed scrapbooks full of illustrations and sketches along with a 17 minute clip of original cartoon. In total the project took 57 years to reach completion.


BFFs: Salvador Dali & Walt Disney (1946)

Both Disney and Dali had an affinity for elitist high art and popular culture. Both were fans of art that appealed to the masses as well the critics. Destino, much like a Dali painting, is riddled with deep symbolism and metaphor that creates a magical caricatured dream world where you feel almost anything can happen. The surrealism of Dali matches the pop feel of Disney's work perfectly with a compelling relatable character who is dragged through this brave new world on an exciting journey of growth and discovery. The only problem with Destino is that you can't tell whether you're watching the most profound short film ever made or a kids TV show. It almost doesn't matter.

Screenshot: Destino

Screenshot: Destino

The six-minute short film depicts a love story about Chronos, Greek god of time and father of Zeus and a mortal woman. The mythical character is especially notable as he related to the themes of time that are always present in Dali's work (think melting clocks).  The story continues as the woman dances through a series of surreal Dalí style landscpases. There is no dialogue in the film but the soundtrack includes music by legendary Mexican composer Armando Dominguez.

By Jordan Gold, publish on 16/06/2014