Oxford University Is Not Using Gender Neutral Pronouns

Update (13/12/16): Oxford Student's Union has denied the use of the pronoun 'ze'.

The Times initially reported that there was a campaign to use the gender neutral pronoun in an attempt to stop transgender discrimination but the claim has now been disproved.

LGBT activists welcomed the move however and LGBT campaigner Tatchell said to the Independent: "I am disappointed that the Students Union seems to have backed down under pressure.


"What it was trying to do was commendable. The idea of giving people the 'ze' option was a thoughtful, considerate move.

"It is good to have gender-neutral pronouns for those who want them but it shouldn't be compulsory.”


Original Article (12/12/16):

 Thanks to student union leaflets, Oxford university is trying to get students to use the gender neutral “ze” instead of “he” or “she”.

The university is hopeful that the term will be used in seminars and is part of an initiative to respect “people’s right to define themselves as neither male nor female” according to LGBT activist Peter Tatchell to the Sunday Times.

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In October of this year the university announced that its guidance on transgender was under review but currently transphobic bullying or harassment is punishable with expulsion.

According to the Sunday Times, Cambridge is following in a similar direction and welfare officer at its students’ union, Sophie Buck said: "Events start with a speaker introducing themselves using a gender neutral pronoun. It’s part of a drive to make the union intersectional.”

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By Ruchira Sharma, published on 12/12/2016