Surreal Short Shows Us New York City As A Huge Optical Illusion

Just for a moment, imagine that New York, the city of skyscrapers, yellow cabs and constant activity, was nothing more than a huge Hollywood film set.

New short film Illusion, created by filmmakers Claire and Max, allows us to visualise exactly that. Over four and a half minutes, we see the Big Apple transformed into a series of cardboard façades held up by steel brackets.

The pair behind travel blog Menilmonde have also converted the city's millions of residents into virtual puppets, sending them walking through live action shots attached to glowing threads.

Often tackling themes of abandonment, emptiness and man's place in society, the video-makers also tackled Paris back in January 2015, turning the City of Light into a giant film studio. A couple of years back, the duo emptied London of all its inhabitants in Miasmatic.

You can find more of Claire and Max's experimental films on Vimeo.

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By Bérénice Rebufa, publish on 23/09/2016