This Is How We'll Be Watching Sports In The Future, According To Microsoft

Microsoft has gone big with its predictions on the future of live sports. On the eve of Superbowl 50, which will see the Carolina Panthers face off with the Denver Broncos on Sunday 7 February, the American giant has imagined a way to bring the sports field into your home. 

During a panel discussion on the theme of "The Future of Football: How Technology Could Shape the Next 50 Years of the Game" the firm unveiled a sci-fi-esque video which sees various sports fans equipped with Microsoft's HoloLens.

Breaking through the television barrier, viewers will find themselves immersed in a sporting universe, albeit with a slightly limited visual range.


The match can be projected onto the entire wall offering users the opportunity to see all 22 players at once. One click of a button or a hand gesture and you can open up play on your coffee table. Thanks to 3D capable cameras placed all around the real-life stadium you can zoom in, pause and rotate the game as you want.

Allowing you to check the game's stats as it unfolds, Microsoft even offers a function to produce a hologram bringing life-size players right into your front room.


The HoloLens, which should be available within the next few months to a handful of developers for a mere $3,000, certainly looks promising. It remains to be seen, however, if its functions will match up to Microsoft's ambitious promises.

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By Rachid Majdoub, published on 04/02/2016


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