This Is What Instagram Would Look Like On Windows 95

Remember the days when MSN Messenger, minesweeper and an animated paper clip were all the rage? It was a time of dial-up internet speeds and Windows 95.

This post-teletext world was at some point considered cutting-edge – and its graphic design was seen as the face of an emerging technological revolution.

In the decades that followed however a whole new minimalist interface came to replace the now-retro design but Misha Petrick still favours a good ol' .exe program.

And as an ode to incessant pop-ups and looming scroll-bars the Moscow-based graphics designer has reimagined one of our generations most cherished applications: Instagram.

Browsing through the ever-popular photo-sharing site one day Petrick noticed a severe lack of actual buttons (the ones with a real menacing drop-shadow).

"I wanted to see how the sterile [Instagram] interface would look like if I added classic buttons from my childhood," he explains.

"Windows 95 was really cool for us, just like Instagram is cool for children today."

Petrick had planned a retro face-lift for all the apps people use (including Snapchat, Uber and Tinder) which could still come into fruition.

There are even plans to turn some of the faux-filters (seen below) into actual filters.

Petrick has animated a set of pixelated Mad Max characters. Check out his work on Behance.

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By Matthew Kirby, published on 07/08/2016