Gandalf Tours New Zealand In This Genius Instagram Series

Sick of the striking but predictable travel pics inundating social media, Akhil Suhas came up with a unique twist to keep his Instagram fresh.

Travelling the length and breadth of New Zealand for six months, the Indian amateur photographer decided to crank the Middle Earth vibes up to max by including Gandalf in every one of his photos.


As the 21-year-old explained to The Guardian:


"I wanted a recurring subject in my photos. When you have so many photographers visiting the country, I figured that I needed to do something to set me apart. Then, I was watching the Lord of the Rings for the 5th time and then the idea struck."


The idea: to head to some of the country's most beautiful locations armed with a camera, a tripod and a Gandalf costume. But after being unable to get the effect he was after using a timer, he soon realised he'd have to rope a few strangers in to lend a hand.


"I started meeting people along the way and asked them if they wanted to put on the outfit," Suhas stated. "They gladly said yes."

Throughout the entire journey Akhil was not turned down a single time, his explanation being "Who doesn't want to dress up as Gandalf?"

Strangely enough, the humorous aspect of the images doesn't take away anything from the breathtaking beauty of the landscapes. If anything, the tiny Gandalf-shaped figure actually gives the compositions a sense of scale that makes them even more impressive.


While he obviously had a lot to work with, the result is a spectacular literary journey that JRR Tolkien himself would be proud of.


You can check out more of Akhil Suhas's work on his personal site.

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By Lise Lanot, published on 17/02/2017

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