Par Matthew Kirby

"From the moment America decided to withdraw from the Paris Accord, our planet has been on the clock," BrewDog wrote in a November blog post. The Scottish brewery and pub chain are so concerned, they recently teamed up with an environmental charity to launch a beer aimed at raising awareness of climate change.

And this week, the team at BrewDog sent a case of it all the way to the White House in an attempt to capture the attention of Donald J. Trump.

(GIF: BrewDog via Twitter)

Their 7.5% "Make Earth Great Again" beer contains ingredients sourced from areas of the world most affected by our changing planet.

It includes water from melting Polar ice caps, endangered Arctic cloudberries and was even fermented at a higher temperature than their other beers as a metaphor for global warming.

BrewDog co-founder James Watt hopes the beer, which was inspired by Trump's decision to leave the Paris climate agreement, will "spark awareness and start a conversation". 

"Make Earth Great Again" (Image: BrewDog)

"Beer is a universal language," he said, a "social lubricant" that could become a vehicle for craft beer drinkers to make their voices heard – and open up a dialogue with skeptical colleagues.

"Whether you work in a brewhouse or the White House, standing up to climate change is everyone’s responsibility. Don’t ignore the doubters, disbelievers and deniers – challenge them"

All proceeds from the Make Earth Great Again beer will be donated to the 10:10 charity to help fund projects focused on tackling climate change.

In further protest at the world's lawmakers turning their backs on our planet, the brewery's London Shoreditch brand will serve the beer from a life-size replica polar bear.