Amid Global Indifference, The Children Of Kasai Are Starving To Death

In the Kasai region in the southern Democratic Republic of Congo, hundreds of thousands of children are dying of hunger.

Following a particularly violent civil war in 2016, the area is facing a terrible humanitarian crisis, with younger children among the first victims. 

In a report published on Friday 11th May, Unicef counted at least 770,000 children suffering from acute malnutrition, among whom 400,000 are at risk of death from malnourishment.

Konbini visited the central African country to capture images which are sometimes shocking yet completely necessary. We must act now to save hundreds of thousands of lives.

Konbini has launched a fundraising appeal to raise money for Action Against Hunger. Please make a donation if you are able to at


By Clothilde Bru, publish on 17/05/2018