Two New Nintendo Switch Models Should Come Out This Year

One of them should be the cheaper "lite" version while the other should be "pro".

According to the Wall Street Journal, Nintendo already planned on launching two new versions of its Switch models. There have been rumors for a few weeks now and which have been confirmed by the video game company through a mention of the games console "devkit".

The first version, a more powerful and technically improved one, should be a "Nintendo Switch Pro", similar to the PlayStation 4 Pro by Sony and the Xbox One X by Microsoft. The other version should be a lite version of the Switch, which would cost less to produce and to buy. A smaller screen is to be expected, while the HD vibrations (called HD Rumble) won’t be included.

While it is surprising that Nintendo is getting in the "pro" business, it was to be expected for the "lite" one. Indeed, offering a cheaper version fits the usual strategy of the Japanese brand, which has always been targeting casual players. By offering a lite version of the least expensive games console on the market, Nintendo could finally reach families and casuals, by giving them the extra push they needed to invite the Switch in their living room.

Release Is Scheduled For This Summer

Launched in 2017, the Nintendo Switch remains one of the firm’s most profitable product, representing more than 80% of its total sales revenues. It is not the first time that the Japanese brand releases alternative versions of its games consoles, such as the DS Lite in 2006, fifteen months after the original one or the 3DS XL, almost a year and a half after the first one, but also the 2DS, one of the cheapest games consoles in history which has seduced a new audience.

The two models, which should land on our shelves during summer, should be introduced during the E3 in June 2019, allowing for Nintendo to reach out to new customers before Christmas. A strategy which will also be applied to the new game Pokemon sword and Shield which should come out by the end of the year, most likely followed by Animal Crossing.

By Pierre Bazin, published on 25/03/2019