A Video Game Featuring The Peaky (Fookin') Blinders Will Soon Be Here

Scheduled for release in 2020, the game will plunge players into gangster life in Birmingham.

Peaky Blinders is probably the most popular BBC series right now. It's available in full on Netflix, with a fifth installment currently being prepared for release this fall. But the adventures of the Shelby clan are now branching out into other formats, beyond the small screen. 

Indeed, production company Endemol Shine Group is currently preparing to adapt the series into a PC game (the only format announced for now) by 2020. The game will be a collaboration between software company Curve Digital and the video game developer FuturLab. 

It has now been announced that the artistic direction will be "innovative" and that it will be possible to wander around the streets of Birmingham quite freely alongside characters from the series. We don't know much more about it as the studio isn't very well-known, but we can expect a retro reworking of Peaky Blinders, as the FuturLab studios are particularly fond of this style in their indie games.

This could be excellent news, although video game adaptations of TV series can sometimes be disappointing. A daring design will allow players to focus on the narrative, which we hope will reflect the excitement of the Peaky Blinders' adventures. Aye mate!


Article translated by: Eleanor Staniforth

By Pierre Bazin, published on 25/03/2019