YOLO : You Are Not Ready For The Vegan Cube Croissant

A bold version of the French gastronomic landmark...

The cube croissant, aka the "croissant²" makes the success of the Weirdoughs bakers in Melbourne Australia. The shop creates sweet and savory pastries which are making people go crazy on Instagram. Starting with this cubic croissant, a bold version of the French gastronomic landmark, with a puff pastry which looks insane.

Vegan Butter And Banh Mi Croissants

Their creativity extends further than this, as they also invented the lobster roll croissant, the banh mi croissants the mint-cool crescent, the ready-to-cook apple pie in the shape of a croissant, etc.

They even have a few Game Of Thrones Specials. So if you’re heading to Melbourne soon, you now know where to make your first stop. Oh! And prepare yourself to pay 9,90 AUD for this beauty.

By Pharrell Arot, published on 19/04/2019