Coca-Cola Revives The New Coke For Stranger Things Season 3

A drink that almost replaced the actual coke in the eighties.

To celebrate Stranger Things’ returning for a season 3 on July 4, Netflix and Coca-Cola are launching the New Coke, a different recipe which appeared in 1985 and almost replaced the original. Let’s have a look back on the drink everyone is talking about.

The Story Of An Epic Fail

In 1985, Coca-Cola faces harsh competition with Pepsi and launches the Project Kansas with a new recipe, sweeter than the original and called New Coke. The company argues it taste better and start removing the old version from the supermarket shelves.

The backlash was immediate, and people even started to store stocks of their favorite drink, which led Coca-Cola to restore the original recipe three months later. This event saw a significant rise in the sells of the brand which finally came out more successful of what was initially considered an epic fail.

New Coke is back

The New Coke renamed Coke was still available until 2002 in the United States, before disappearing for good and leaving its aficionados astray. But these dark times are over since Coca announced the return of the New Coke with Stranger Things coming back for a third season, set in 1985, the year when the New Coke first appeared.

Senior vice president of marketing for Coca-Cola North America Stuart Kronauge explained they had to go back to the archives to reproduce the initial design and recipe of the first New Coke and that only 500 000 cans will be sold for the occasion.

© Coca-Cola

The cans will be available on line starting May 23. The new promotion is designed to "break the internet" Kronauge said to CNN Business. Let’s wait and see...


By Claire Verriele, published on 22/05/2019